Cleanings & Prevention

Check-Ups & Cleanings

Preventative Dental Cleanings

Prevention is the building block of a healthy smile, which makes routine dental cleanings an essential component of maintaining your good dental health. At home, brushing your teeth at least twice every day and flossing at least once prevents the excessive buildup of dental plaque—a byproduct of oral bacteria. Removing plaque prevents it from calcifying into tartar, which your toothbrush cannot remove. However, even with consistently good hygiene, tartar may develop in hard-to-reach spots on your teeth, allowing oral bacteria to multiply until they become a significant threat to your teeth and gums. During your regular dental cleanings, or prophylaxis, Dr. Lerner or one of our talented hygienists will carefully clean away tartar and remaining traces of plaque. Your visits can stop the growing numbers of oral bacteria that could lead to tooth decay, gum disease, chronic bad breath, and more.

What is Dental Cleaning (Prophylaxis)?

Professional dental cleaning is similar to the cleaning you perform at home with your toothbrush and floss. The goal is to gently remove plaque and food debris from your teeth’s surfaces and along your gum line, although professional cleaning also targets the tartar that you can’t remove at home. Using comfortable, specialized equipment, we safely and comfortably clean away plaque and tartar from every surface of your teeth, including between them and especially along your gum line. Then, we will polish your teeth for a healthy and attractive finish, as well as to limit plaque accumulation in the immediate future.

How Often Should I Attend Cleaning Visits?

Most patients require regular dental cleanings at least twice a year to successfully keep their teeth healthy. However, if you exhibit signs of tooth decay or gum disease, or if your dental hygiene at home has been inadequate, then you may require more frequent visits to prevent more serious oral health concerns. If you exhibit signs of gingivitis, or early gum disease, then you may also require periodontal cleaning, (scaling and root planing) in addition to your prophylaxis appointments to control your condition.

The Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings

At Dr. Lerner’s practice, our goal is to help all patients in Midtown, Manhattan, NY, enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles, and that begins with good hygiene, education, and a consistent schedule of preventative dental cleanings. By sticking to your recommended appointment schedule, you can enjoy a number of long-term dental health benefits, including:

  • Reduced need for cosmetic or restorative dental procedures later.
  • Improved chances of retaining your healthy, natural teeth.
  • Improved confidence in your smile and oral health.
  • Improved chances of detecting and treating issues early, if they do develop.